Clay Tablets [3000 B.C] – An Exceptional eBook For Free Download For Next 2 Days. Hurry Up!!!


This ebook is the outcome of that pain which I went through to learn about the Sumerian culture. The knowledge is so vast that one has to go through several websites and books. I compiled this book from that vast ocean and choose super important clay tablets for you which will give you a great idea about Sumerian culture.

Two years back when I was doing some research about the ancient flood to write a post for my blog, the first time I encountered clay tablets because the Sumerian record of the ancient flood is written in a clay tablet of the Sumerian king Gilgamesh.

I was thrilled to see that historical artifact and also wondered why I had never seen such artifacts before.

After that, it was hard to stop me. I read about several clay tablets and write many posts to explain various clay tablets which helped me to learn many things about the ancient Sumerian culture.

I researched not only about clay tablets but how (clay tablet catalog) and where (libraries) these clay tablets were managed.

Clay Tablets Covered by this ebook

  1. Day to Day Life
  2. Mathematics
  3. Administrative
  4. Mythology and Religion
  5. Medical
  6. Law Code
  7. Philosophical Debate

Why you would like to read this ebook?

However, this book is pretty small (80 pages) but it contains more than 20 clay tablets belong to different categories. Within a few hours of reading, you will have a great idea about Sumerian culture. I bet you don’t want to miss this.


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