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Welcome to “History and Mythology”

Hello, My name is Dheeraj Jain. I am a software engineer by profession and hobbyist historian.

We all are very well aware of the conscious and subconscious concept of our mind. Our subconscious mind is a product of training, which means by practice we can make it more sharp and productive. On the other side, the conscious mind is a product of awareness. The more we aware the more productive is conscious mind will be.

But how “Tathastu” is related to this concept.

Tathastu is a word that is made from the combination of “Ta” + “Asthu”. Asthu is an element that is always working even we are not aware (like subconscious mind). It always listening to our words. It always follows our words without making any decision for good or bad. So whenever we make any wish (good or bad), it just takes our words as a wish and worked with world power to fulfill that wish whether it is good or bad.

It latest theories we also know it a power of attraction.

But when any wish is granted but in full of consciousness that time it is called “Tathastu”. Tathastu is a Sanskrit word and it was popularly used by ancient Indian Sagas when they granted any wish to someone. तथास्तु – ऐसा ही हो (Tathastu – So Be it).

Discovery of Myself

Until 32 years of my age, I was completely lost. I was alive but without any purpose. I was taking a breath but without much consciousness. I had a daily routine like everyone else.

In 2016, I thought to challenge myself and just took a small resolution to get the habit of the reading book just 10 minutes every day. It was a life-changing decision.

Somewhere I heard that if I will perform any work for 21 days, it will become a habit. Some other places I read that 65 days or 70 days is enough to get the habit.

But my observation on myself is completely different. It took more than six months for me to get this as a habit. But at the end of the year 2016, I had a great habit with me.

I have read a lot of books since then and certainly no doubt most of the books are related to history.

Interest in History

I do not yet have much knowledge of history. If I say that I am still floating above, I have not dived deep yet. History is so wide in nature, and at the same time it is complicated as well and I keep this in mind while writing my articles. My major current interest is in Mesopotamian clay tablets and inter civilization studies along with ancient scriptures.

Clay Tablets

I found clay tablets are the great archive of interesting human history and culture. Tons of information is available on these tiny clay tablets which have helped modern humans to understand 5000 years old lost civilization.

Inter Civilization Study

There are many things that are common across civilization like most of civilizations have the ancient flood story. Every civilization has a creation story and every civilization has certain burial rituals. In this section, I research certain topics in multiple civilizations.

Ancient Scriptures

I am pretty interested in ancient scriptures like Vedas, Avesta, Popul Vuh, etc. Currently, I am exploring mostly ancient Indian scriptures Vedas. In the Vedas especially Rigveda. Many articles I have written by the knowledge which I have extracted from these scriptures.

From my Visits

To pursue my passion whenever I am getting a vacation, I am off to visit historical places. Visit the ancient places and collect information about those places and share them with my audience in a simple way.

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Thanks for reading! I’m glad we’re connected.