How Swiss Watch Found in 400 Year Old Tomb? Time Travel?

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Swiss watch in Ming dynasty tomb

In 2008 a team of archaeologists had made a puzzling discovery. Reports described the team as comprised of archaeologists and journalists filming a documentary at a dig at a sealed tomb dating to the Ming Dynasty in Shangsi, southern China. As one of the coffins was being cleared of the soil before being opened, a strange thing happened.

The strange metallic object was a small golden ring, with a watch face on its front, approximately two millimeters thick. Tiny hands on the watch showed time had frozen at 10:06. Most astonishing of all, the back of the diminutive watch has the word “Swiss” or “Switzerland” written in English.

Swiss Made” is the term used in recent decades to show that product has originated in Switzerland, especially relating to watches.

According to the archaeologists, watches weren’t around in the Ming dynasty, and Switzerland as a country didn’t even exist.

How was it possible? How could such an artifact have been discovered so out of place and out of time?

There are many theories as to how a modern-looking Swiss ring with a watch face might have been discovered by Chinese archaeologists from a 400-year-old sealed tomb.

Some researchers cite the possibility of time travelers who came from the future and who dropped a modern ring in an ancient location, accidentally leaving their anachronistic possession behind. The evidence for this is scant, but it is an intriguing idea.

However, it is also within the realm of possibility that the so-called ‘sealed’ tomb was not as secure as the Chinese officials and archaeologists had presumed. Early tomb-raiders or explorers gaining access to the tombs secretly cannot be ruled out, although there are no reports on any of the ancient Chinese artifacts having suffered damage or theft—something which might be expected if the tomb was entered.

Still others comment that if the strange timepiece/jewelry had been dropped in the last century or so, a rodent might have taken it and burrowed it into the tomb.

Further research is going on in this artifact. But this Swiss watch is not the first out-of-place artifact. There are many other artifacts like this 300 million years old wheel or this 500000 years old spark plug. Why they exist and how their existence is possible with reference to human history. The history and evolution of the human race we know in which these artifacts don’t fit.

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