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A good read to learn about ancient India. The section where Megasthenes explains about Indian society is very amazing, it gives us insight about the ~2500 years old Indian society. Completely relatable.

Megasthenes was an ancient Greek historian, diplomat and Indian ethnographer, and explorer in the Hellenistic period ~300 B.C. He described India in his book Indika, which is now lost but has been partially reconstructed from literary fragments found in later authors. Megasthenes visited India sometime between c. 302 and 288 BCE, during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. His book Indika explains the Indian Geography, Land, Harvesting, People, and Animals.


Vishnu-Hari Inscription a 12th-century Sanskrit inscription with 20 lines talks about the construction of a temple in the 12th century which Played an Important Role in the Ayodhya Verdict. Complete details about Ayodhya verdict. Love history lovers Vishnu Hari section is a good read.

Vishnu-Hari Inscription which Played an Important Role in the Ayodhya Verdict


Book by Graham Hancock. The Dwarka archaeological excavation is covered in detail and a lot of other mysterious places.

Why You Should Know About Archaeological Excavation at Dwarka?

Marine Archaeology In India

Must-read book for every Indian. This was an exceptional discovery by the Indian Archaeological Team which is very valuable to us scientifically and mythologically. To find out the exact expanse of Dwarka, more than 15 times excavation operations were carried out for 10 years. Every Indian should read about this discovery and share it more and more with other Indians.

Why You Should Know About Archaeological Excavation at Dwarka?

Vrihad Vimaan Shastra

Rigveda Hindi

Vedas is the true source of knowledge whether it is about Universe creation, Earth Creation or Human creation and evolution. But at which phase of creation or when this knowledge was transferred to humanity.

Do you know? How Vedas were Transferred to Humanity?
How the Earth Was Made? Evidence from Vedas (The Ancient Hindu scripture)
The Hymn 9.33.6 of Rig veda Dating Rig Veda ~50000 BP
The Mystery of 330 Millions of the Hindu GOD’s

Size is quite big. You can download it from below link.


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