Do You Believe that Vedas were Heard of Seen? Proof from Rigveda

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I was very excited about the Vedas from my childhood. I was continuously listening that the great Sagas listened to the Vedas and transferred orally from one generation of another generation. But recently when I got more interest in the Vedas, I got a few interesting questions and I know you also have these questions.

1 – How the first time they attained this knowledge?

2 – How old Vedas are? Is there a way to find out?

3 – Is it possible to prove that, yes, Sagas saw or listened the Vedas ?

With these questions, I started my research and luckily some I got some good reads like Rigveda in Hindi, Arctic Home in the Vedas by Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ji.

Why should we believe that Sagas heard or Saw the Vedas?

Why should one believe that the Sagas heard or saw the Vedas? Why can’t we agree that this knowledge is the self-experience of the sagas? Here are some facts that have convinced me.

First, the knowledge present in the Vedas is extraordinary and vast. In modern times as well we don’t have enough understanding to make out correct meaning out of the Vedas.

German Vedas scholar Waver has written,

They are made of that date, to reach there we do not have the appropriate resources. Current knowledge of humanity and resources is unable to take us that advanced stage.

Second, they not only talk about the creation of the Universe but provide the tools to get the enlightenment to see the universal reality. One can find a way to reach completeness by studying the Vedas. The knowledge required to attain that state not achievable merely by the experience. There were extraordinary incidents that occurred to transfer such knowledge to humans.

Third, If for a short time we accept that Vedas is knowledge of self-experience of the Sagas then why Sagas didn’t write it somewhere. Why Vedas transferred orally for several generations? So possibly the way they get this knowledge, it was easy for them to remember rather writing it somewhere. Because first, they should have the tools to translate frequencies into writable content.

The Sages Saw the Mantras. Proofs from the RigVeda.

The exact English word for the word Veda is Vision, meaning ‘darshan’. Those who had this great vision called sages. The sages are the one who sees the Mantras. A Mantra in the Rigveda (“Hindi Rigveda”, p. 1336. Mantra 4) mentions that the sages are the one who sees the Mantra.

The fire gives wealth. The sages, who are thousands of cows, give them a mantra drashta (one who sees the mantra) son. Agni (Fire) hath made oblations rise to heaven: to every place are Agni’s laws extended.

Verse 10.8.4

In another Mantra (10.71.3), it is even more clearly stated – the sages (in Samadhi-Dasha) in their conscience received the speech (Veda-Vani) that they taught to all humans.

Wise people find the path of the word (language) through a yajna. He received the speech (language) which was in the conscience of the sages, and with that speech (language), he taught all the humans. Seven verses praise in this language.

Verse 10.71.3

The sages whose names found above the Suktas in Vedic codes are not mantra creators, but mantra seer.

Yaskacharya has written in his Nirukta (Nagam Kand 2.11). “ऋषिदर्शनात स्तोमान ददर्श – “Rishidarsanat stoman dadarsh.”

The sages saw mantras; Hence his name was ‘Rishi’. Hymns called Richa in Sanskrit[Have You Ever Wondered Why Sanskrit was Actually Invented?]. So sagas (Rishi) is the one who listens or sees the Richa’s. So Sagas sees and listens to the Mantras but not creates.

Is It Scientifically Posible?

The human mind is full of mysteries. However, ordinary people cannot use the full capabilities of their senses. Because by default, nature exposes only a small part of the senses to us. We are always ignorant of the full capabilities of the senses. But not that we cannot increase the capabilities of the mind. This is possible through meditation and meditation. Vedic literature provides so many tools that help us enhance the abilities of the brain and other senses. In ancient times, sages could only lead themselves to a position through spiritual practice, where they could use the full capabilities of their senses.

Genetic Engineering in Vedic Period? Interesting Facts From Manusmriti

Why Sadhana Increases the Capabilities?

There are recent studies that prove human senses can receive only 5-10% of the information which is going on around us. It happens due to our inability to manage human senses in full throttle.

Another study shows us that our brain holds millions of tiny magnetic particles and as of now scientists don’t know the exact usage of these particles in the brain function.

Magnetic Substance in Brain

However, these kinds of particles exist in birds as well but in the case of birds, we know that they use it as a navigation system based on the earth’s magnetic field.

A recent study shows that these magnetic substances work as tiny antennas that communicate with each other and increase the ability of long-term memory.

But what if the ancient sagas well knew of these magnetic substances? Through the years of meditation, they could control this substance capability.

I found an awesome video on YouTube that explains about magnetic particles in the brain

Another video which talks about energy which filled everywhere

In 1978, Dr. Robert C. Beck did a preliminary study that shows, some frequencies may disturb brain functioning and some may improve brain functioning.

Magnetic Bracelet to Cure Disease

If we try to correlate things together, we find that there are certain frequencies that are well received by small magnets of the brain. There are possibilities that through some mechanisms it can control and can increase the functioning ability, perhaps. Now there can be two possibilities for our subject.

Now let’s assume, all the Vedic knowledge is present in some extraterrestrial region and creatures of that region visited the earth and transfer the knowledge to the human being to attain the ability to observe these frequencies.

In every ancient civilization scriptures, there is proof that someone came to earth by the abnormal way with abnormal capabilities and power. In Hindu scripture, nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu already mentioned and every incarnation story is very interesting.

The Lord Vishnu’s Matsya incarnation that related to an ancient flood which is again common in many civilizations.

Now suppose, all Vedic knowledge is already present in nature, but in terms of some frequency which is not observable by our common known senses. These sagas could develop the ability to observe particular frequency in which Vedic knowledge deep meditation and knowledge transfer transferred by a supernatural being. Once they started observing, gradually they started extracting meaning from it step by step.

Why Should I Believe This Theory

There is a lot of knowledge in the Vedas about the universe, life, and everything. There are some sections in the Vedas that tell us that some events were not possible for early humans if we calculate human progress according to science.

However, the construction period of the Vedas has not been finalized yet. According to German astrologer Hermann Jacobi, the Rigveda is at least 4700 years old because it explains an astronomical event that occurred 4700 years ago. But some other facts that mark the Rig Veda 50000 years old.

An interesting article written by me to explain about the age of Rigveda

Purusa Hymn

For example, there is a Purusa Hymn in Rigveda Mandala 10 Hymn 129 and 130. The outcome of these hymns is equivalent to the big bang theory, which discovered by modern humans a few decades ago.

THEN was not non-existent nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it.
What covered in, and where? and what gave shelter? Was water there, unfathomed depth of water?

First Verse of Hymn 10.129

Dawn Hymn

There is another hymn in Rigveda that tells about six month day and six month night phenomena near the poles. This phenomenon not only discussed but explained elaborately in the Ushas or Dawn Hymn in RigVeda.

We know, it is not exactly six months day and night; it is 30-days sunrise followed by 30 days morning and then followed by 90 days complete day and then followed by 30 day’s sunset and so on. They capture this level of information in the Vedas.

Over 100 verses written for this phenomenon. Rig-Veda Mandala I, Hymn 113 Dawn, Sloke 10.

How long a time, and they shall be together,—Dawns that have shone and Dawns to shine hereafter?
She yearns for former Dawns with eager longing and goes forth gladly shining with the others.

Rig-Veda Mandala 1: HYMN 113. Dawn

A detailed article written by me to explain this phenomenon.

Now here we have a basic question, How ancient Sagas could do these kinds of discoveries? The above-explained phenomena are not normal because we discovered poles in the 18th century. These kinds of information are possible to attain when either someone is already living in that region and experiencing all the phenomena by themselves or it is likely possible that some external force may have helped.


For me, it may happen in this sequence.

The creator of human beings got convinced that humans are ready to get knowledge.

Some extraterrestrial creatures visited the earth and transferred the secret to observe the hidden frequencies to the Sagas.

Sagas started using this knowledge to observe those frequencies present in nature.

Gradually by observing those frequencies generations to generations, they collected all Vedic knowledge present in the Vedas.

Over to you. What do you feel about this article? Do you think this may be the way for the sagas to get the Vedic knowledge? Comment your views in the comment section. Share it with your friends.

I hope you read something new today. Share your views in the comments section below.

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