Unexplained Ancient Technology in Hindu Scripture Ramayana

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Mythological stories are present in every civilization. Many such stories are transferred verbally from generation to generation. In India, there is one very famous and widely followed religious scripture called Ramayana. However, in the Ramayana, there are so many occurrences where we can witness the usage of extraordinary ancient technology which is still unexplained whether it is about Ravan’s Airplane (Ancient Vimana) which could fly by the speed of thought, or about the usage of nuclear weapons in the battle of Mahabharata or technology which is mentioned in Vedas. But here we are going to discuss a few other technologies which I can bet you have not heard of.

Background of the Story

Ramayana is a story of Prince Rama who had a kingdom in the northern part of India. When Ram was a Prince, at that time one incident occurred, and Ram had to leave his palace and had to accept exile given by his father to live in the forest for fourteen years. Rama’s brother Lakshman and wife Sita were accompanying him. In their fourteen-year exile, there were few events where we can see the great use of technology.

Sleepless for fourteen years?

There is a narrative in Valmiki’s Ramayana, that Laxman, while in exile, he had taken a vow to keep awake throughout the exile period of fourteen years to be able to better serve and protect Rama and Sita.

For this, he did severe penance to the goddess of sleep for him to grant a boon that he should never sleep during the time of his exile, for which the goddess of sleep responded that someone else has to sacrifice for his awakening.

It was Laxman’s wife Urmila who took over Laxman’s sleep and was all alone throughout the fourteen years of exile.

Urmila was so devoted to Laxman that she said remove me from his memory till then so that he could focus and serve them without his mind wavering. It was because of Urmila’s strength that Laxman was able to serve Ram and Sita day and night.

Real Question

First of all, how much sleep is important for the human body, is well known. Without having proper sleep and rest it is difficult to survive and perform better. But in this story, one person is living without sleep for fourteen years and his sleep is transferred to his wife.

There can be two things

  1. We take it as a mythological story and leave it there with some myth.
  2. We can accept it as a real occurrence and try to figure out, what actually happened?

Here I continue with second approaches.

What is Sleep and why it is required

Sleep definition from Wikipedia. The most pronounced physiological changes in sleep occur in the brain. The brain uses significantly less energy during sleep than it does when awake. In areas with reduced activity, the brain restores its supply of, the molecule used for short-term storage and transport of energy. In quiet waking, the brain is responsible for 20% of the body’s energy use, thus this reduction has a noticeable effect on overall energy consumption. Sleep increases the sensory threshold. In other words, sleeping persons perceive fewer stimuli, but can generally still respond to loud noises and other salient sensory events. Overall sleep increases brain effectiveness.

What Just Happened

Let’s assume here for some time that both Laksman and Urmila are Robots. Now one robot is continuously active and another Robot is continuously de-active/sleep mode. But here we have to think that how deactivation of one robot can help in the continuous activation of another Robot. The hardware used by both robots is different. That’s means if one robot is continuously active, its hardware will keep on in heating.

There is no possibility that without having rest time any machine can survive. Hence the same is applicable for humans. Without a rest period, no human can survive as well. If it so then we will have a couple of question?

Our Question?

How Laksman could survive for fourteen years without sleep?

What was the technology or method behind it?

Most importantly, how the sleep of Laksman is related to the sleep of Urmila?

How it can be achieved in the technological front?

Line of Protection

In another event, One day Sita saw one golden Deer in the forest, so she made a wish to Rama to get that Deer for her. Rama went behind the Deer but before that, he asked Laxman to take care of Sita in his absence.

After some time the shouting of Rama’s started coming. Sita ordered Laxman to go for Rama’s help. But before leaving the hut Laxman drew a line around the entire hut. So that Sita can be protected in his absence.

Ancient Technology Laxman Drawing Line surrounding of the hut

In his absence one very powerful Devil, name Ravana came to abduct the Sita. But he could not cross that line which Laxman drew for the Sita’s protection. Because of that line, he could not reach Sita and he had to hypnotize Sita so that she herself would get out of that line.

What Just Happened

If we compare this event with the modern scenario, it is a classical example of prevention from Intrusion. We can easily see that people connect some kind of alarm with wire and install that wire around the house. But to achieve this, electricity, wire and other equipment is required.

Our Question

So what should we assume here? Laxman had all the necessary things and equipment to make some intrusion prevention system (We should not forget that Laxman had not enough time to create any new system from scratch as his brother is in trouble and he had to go for his help) or it was altogether different technology which may lie in the answer of below question

What kind of line Laxman drew and what kind of effect it had on the devil so that he could not cross the line?

Was it some kind of laser technology?

Was it releasing some short of deadly Gas?

Or Was it some extraordinary technology which yet to invented by modern humans?


When we learn about our ancient mythological stories, it seems that someone has erased a large part of our memory or we are suffering from amnesia. To achieve the technical basis of the events that took place in those stories, they must have had extraordinary technology. But as much as we know the development of humans, they should have nothing more than stone and wood. But this story makes us think that there is something we still yet to know.

To write this article, I have assumed that all these mythological events occurred as presented in the scripture.

Over to you. What do you think about mythological stories? If you want to achieve this technology, then what will be your approach? Write in the comment section.

I hope you read something new today. Share your views in the comments section below.

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