How King Vikramaditya’s Wife Removed Snake From His Stomach?

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Once King Vikramaditya was separated from his assistants in the forest. In the forest, he saw a snake which was seen in extreme agony. Seeing the king, he told the king in a very afflicted state.

O king, I am suffering from a serious illness, help me, I have only your shelter now. The king is convinced of his condition and asks what is the treatment for it?

The serpent said, King, I can be healthy only if I get shelter for a month in the stomach of a healthy person.

The king considered the protection of the refugee as his duty and gave shelter to the serpent in his stomach.

As the king came out of the forest, he came to an unknown city in an unknown kingdom. Due to the effect of the stomach snake, the king became ill and started feeling powerless.

Then there brought a punished young woman to the same place by his father and, as punishment, she was forced to marry the king whom all he was looking like an ill beggar.

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The woman started living in a ruins building with her husband King Vikramaditya and tried to cure her husband’s illness.

Whatever she earned, she would hide in the ruins. It was several days for the young lady to make an effort, but there was no improvement in the health of the king.

Also, hard-earned money was stolen every day. The girl got upset. So one day she decided to go to her house suddenly and after hearing the voices of two people she hid behind a wall.

He saw a large black snake coming from a snake pit calling another snake living inside the king’s belly. That evil black one stubborn snake came out and started shouting.

Why are you destroying the body of this king by staying in his stomach? It gave you refuge and you are swallowing it badly.

Hearing all this, suddenly a huge green snake came out of the king’s mouth, first of all, the tail than the head came out and attacked the black snake upside down.

“Oh, great Machiavellian, you are more sinful than me, who sits on infinite wealth and yet swallows the wealth earned by this king’s wife daily.

The two were accusing each other then suddenly the black snake said, doesn’t anyone know that if buttermilk is given with soft leaves of neem, the snake will come out of its body and die.

Hearing this, the green snake said that everyone also knows that mustard oil is heated with camphor and if it is poured into your pit, then you too will be killed instantly with your gang and all the money will be given to that person.

The woman listened to both of them. She was overjoyed.  She quickly brought all the goods from the market, he gave the king buttermilk in a short while.

The left green snake came out with vomit to the king and died agonizingly.  Then the young lady poured oil into the black snake pit and there he was killed and the treasure was received by the girl.

In a few days, the king became healthy.  The woman said everything, then the king introduced that he is a king Vikramaditya.

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When life hits, it may hit too hard to collapse you. But throughout your hard time always remember, there will be light after night. However, to complete duties is our responsibility. We never know what we will get when there will be light.

In this story, a few unfortunate situations occurred with both King Vikramaditya and Girl. But King didn’t forget his duty and gave shelter to the snake.

The girl was forced to marry an ill bagger but still, she full filled her duties towards the husband, however, she was not aware that her ill husband is a great king.

At last, there was a light and she found a great king as her husband and king found a loyal woman as his wife.

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