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Once Narada comes to Dwarka and makes a dispute in Krishna’s house.  Krishna’s wives ask him what they want.  So that naughty and disputing Narada told them that ‘I want your husband from you’.  The queens told him that she could not give them her husband.  Narada said to him that ‘Give me something that you love like him or even more than him’.  

The queens agreed to him.  Then Krishna was seated in one pan of the scales and the queens were asked to place something in the other pan which was like or more dear to them than Krishna. 

Satyabhama placed all her jewelry in that pan. But it did not matter.  Because Krishna was heavier than that. Then Rukmani placed a small tulsi leaf.

The twig was placed on the pan and said that it symbolized his love for Krishna. Immediately, the pan leans in his favor and Narada has to be satisfied not with the gold jewelry of Satyabhama but with that small branch of Tulsi, a symbol of Rukmani’s love.  

This is a very short and fascinating story. There is no logical sense of this story.  How can a small branch of Tulsi weigh more than Krishna? This is where human imagination, dedication and believe comes into the picture. Rukmani had a complete belief in her dedication and love towards Krishna. So she didn’t want to measure Krishna with Gold and other jewelry but measured with her sense of love. Love is nothing for Rukmani but a sense of belief and dedication towards Krishna which gave her immense confidence that she could measure Krishna with just a Tulsi leaf.

What Can Be Take Out From Story

This story gives us another indirect message for the situation which we face in life. If you see in the above situation, ultimately Narada is asking for everything from Queens and queens were agreed to give all precious elements which they had. But it was Rukmani who thought calmly and found a perfect resolution without giving her valuable elements.

In the same way, many times we faced a situation that can take away everything from us. At that time it is our belief and dedication in ourselves which can help us to think the perfect solution which will resolve the problem without giving anything.

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