Can We Control Our Fate? Two Different Timeline Stories

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We always think and we always want to control our fate. We always want to become supreme of all actions and reactions. But in this universe, we always forget that we are here just to play our role in someone’s grand show. Everyone is given their role to play. Here I am presenting two stories. One from Mahabharata which one can take as a mythological story and one from the current world.

Story From Mahabharata

Birth of Draupadi

Draupadi, a girl who took birth from fire was not an ordinary girl. She took birth as a complete adult. Drupada was not agreed to accept Draupadi as his daughter but the deities who had planned to establish Dharma in Aryavrat (Current India) forced Drupada to accept Draupadi as his daughter. Upon this action, Drupada wished pain and trouble for the entire life of Draupadi.

Marriage of Draupadi

On the orders of Vasudeva Krishan, King Drupada organized the self-proclaimed marriage of his daughter, Draupadi. For Draupadi marriage, invitations were sent to all the great kings and princes to other kingdoms to participate.

Drupada wished that his daughter Draupadi should be married to Arjuna, one of the best archers in the world. However, when he came to know that the five Pandavas (Arjuna’s and his brother were called Pandavas) had died due to fire in the palace in Varanavat, he asked Draupadi to choose another person and Organized a tough competition in Swamvar/Marriage.

In the competition, a fish was floating in a well and the reflection of the fish was displayed in the sky. The fish was moving continuously in the well. One had to look at the eye of the fish in the well and had to target the eye of the fish in the sky.

All big emperors attempted their luck in the competition but all failed to hit the target. When “Karna” wanted to try, Draupadi refused to marry Karna before he tried and said I would not marry the son of a charioteer.

Then the five Pandavas reached there as Brahmins. When all Kshatriya could not hit the target then on the direction of Vasudev Krishan, Maharaj Drupada invited Brahmins as well to participate in the competition.

Then Arjuna hit the fish with an arrow and won the competition. Draupadi was then married to Arjuna. When the five Pandavas reached their mother Kunti, they said that Arjuna had received a prize in a competition. Hearing this, Kunti replied without seeing that whatever the prize is, all the brothers should divide it into equal parts. Due to this, Draupadi considered as the wife of the five Pandavas.

Was This Fate?

When everybody believed that Pandavas has died in the fire but still it was the Draupadi destiny, Pandavas could not only save from the fire but could reach to the Draupadi ceremony as well. However, Pandavas was not intended to go to the marriage ceremony but it was Arjuna’s destiny who took him through helping one saint who wished to attend the ceremony. At the last Draupadi married Arjuna but her destiny which her father choose during her birth finally concluded by the words from Kunti.

Olympic Race of Vanderlei de Lima

Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima is a former Brazilian long-distance runner who specialized in marathons. While leading the marathon after 35 km at the 2004 Summer Olympics, he was attacked by a former Irish priest Cornelius “Neil” Horan. Following the incident he fell back from first to third place, winning the bronze medal.

Lima worked and dreamed for this trophy for decades with complete discipline. Finally, he was about to win this trophy. He was a few KM away from the destination. But destiny had some other plans. A random person attacked him which broked Lima running rhythm for some time and for long-distance running rhythm is the most critical factor.

Eventually, Lima ended with 3rd place but he was happy. He entered the stadium with full of smile. A person who won the first place offered Lima his trophy. But Lima refused by saying that this Bronze medal is the Gold medal for him

He was later awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for sportsmanship for that race. He also received the honor of lighting the Olympic Flame at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, during the Opening Ceremonies as the final member of the torch relay.


Here the question is if nothing is in our hands then why we cannot leave everything and wait for fate. As per me, how we act and more importantly how we react during tough situations, it decides the next circle of events. In both the above cases, Draupadi and Lima acted calmly and didn’t blame their fate for their losses. The rest conclusion is in your hand.

I hope you read something new today. Share your views in the comments section below.

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