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Ashwin Kumar
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Ashwin Kumar

There are many mantras in the Rigveda regarding the Ashvinikumaras like Indra, Agni, and Soma. Who were they? They are light and dark by Max Müller’s opinion. They were a famous man by Goldstucker’s opinion. Castor and Pollock are gods in Greece like these.

Just as Tshishtha’s daughter Saranya gave birth to Ashvidhaya in the form of the horse, the Greek goddess Erinys Demeter gave birth to Ariane and Dyspona in the form of a mare. In the Puranas, they are also mentioned as the god and protector of mind and body.

They are also described in the Rigveda by the names of the Dastra and Nasatya. From 10.17.2, it is known that they were born from the daughter of the Twasta name Saranyu.  

Verse 10.17.2 

From mortal men, they hid the Immortal Lady, made one like her and gave her to Vivasvān. Saranyu brought to him the Aśvin brothers and then deserted both twinned pairs of children.

He was a great genius and both brothers were also gods of disease and misery. He was also a renowned craftsman and a doctor. Ashwadvayya’s boat was such that it could not be drowned in any circumstances.

They brought Bhujyu (King Tugr’s Son) in a hundred-pole boat and brought it to king Tugr from the sea as per verses (1.116.3 & 5). A Mantra (1.182.5) states that the Ashwadvayya, all three-winged boats were built. You saved Tughra’s son Bhujyu from the great ocean by boat.

Verse 1.116.3

Yea, Aśvins, as a dead man leaves his riches, Tugra left Bhujyu in the cloud of waters. Ye brought him back in animated vessels, traversing the air, unwetted by the billows.

Verse 1.116.5

Ye wrought that hero exploits in the ocean which giveth no support, or holds or station, What time ye carried Bhujyu to his dwelling, borne in a ship with hundred oars, O Aśvins.

Verse 1.182.5

Ye made for Tugra’s son amid the water-floods that animated ship with wings to fly withal, Whereon with God-devoted mind ye brought him forth and fled with an easy flight from out the mighty surge.

He was a great Doctor and Surgeon. It is very clear from verse 10.39.8

Verse 10.39.8

Ye gave a ain the vigour of his youthful life to age sage Kali when old age was coming nigh.Ye rescued Vandana and raised him from the pit, and in a moment gave Viśpalā power to move.

Vishpala was the wife of Khel Rishi. The same thing is there in 1.116.15. It has been said in the 15th mantra that one leg of Vishpala was cut in the battle. By giving him an iron thigh, then Ashwadvay made her able to go to the War field.  

Verse 1.116.15

When in the time of night, in Khela’s battle, a leg was severed like a wild bird’s pinion, Straight ye gave Viśpalā a leg of iron that she might move what time the conflict opened.

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