Mystery or Myth – A Universal Catastrophe

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Finding the truth is very difficult. It is time, which wraps up the truth in various false layers. It is very difficult to remove the truth from these false layers because we do not know which layer holds true. We can continue to open the layers throughout our lives, but still, we cannot reach the truth. The beauty of truth is that the truth itself tells the way to reach yourself.

Evidence is such things that make the truth complete and help to accept that particular fact as truth. However, what about those truths, whose evidence has been lost in the time cycle, or the evidence is yet to be found. Our planet saw many incidents, which became myths due to the lack of evidence. However, as I said, the truth is a myth when there is no evidence. As the technique has increased and human repetition increases, we have found much evidence, which has helped in transforming myths into reality.

When many areas, civilization shares the same story for an event and provides reliable evidence, then it becomes true. Our planet had seen a catastrophic event in ancient times when the whole earth was filled with water, which destroyed entire humanity, except for some humans, which were blessed and directed by God. Every civilization has inherited this story in some way.

If we look into great civilizations like Vedic, Maya, Egypt, Greek, Mesopotamia, all these civilizations have inherited this story. Some have very good written evidence. I have read some mythological stories after reading books and articles. Under the stories, I pulled Graham Hancock from a book called Fingerprints of the Gods.      

Sumerian Myth – Ancient Mesopotamia

There was a king, in ancient Sumer (Mesopotamian civilization) whose name was Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh wrote all the ancient stories on tablets of baked clay, which survived all odds. Many thousands of these tablets, some dating back to the beginning of the 5000-3000 BC discovered in Iraq. He wrote a great flood story on these clay tablets, which had been told to Gilgamesh by Utnapishtim who was the survivor of that great catastrophic deluge. Extract from clay tablet, which also known as Gilgamesh flood story

God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.The uproar of mankind is intolerable and sleep is no longer possible by reason of the babel.’ So the gods agreed to exterminate mankind. Ea, however, took pity on Utnapishtim. Speaking through the reed wall of the king’s house he told him of the imminent catastrophe and instructed him to build a boat in which he and his family could survive. Tear down your house and build a boat, abandon possessions and look for life, despise wordly goods and save your soul … Tear down your house, I say, and build a boat (like noah’s ark) with her dimensions in proportion—her width and length in harmony. Put aboard the seed of all living things, into the boat.

He followed the orders and created one boat as per instruction and loaded everything into her all that I had,’ he said, loaded her with the seed of all living things. At the end of the catastrophe, Utnapishtim and his wife given immortality to save the whole species.  

Vedic Myth – Matsya Avatar

Matsya is a first avatar (incarnation of Vishnu) of Lord Vishnu (An Indian GOD) out of 10 of his avatar to save one ancient king Manu from one of the catastrophic events of the deluge which destroyed everything. This event story is a part of Matsya Purana which is one of the ancient scripture in Vedic culture.

The legend begins with Manu performing religious rituals on the banks of the Cherivi River. A little fish called Matsyaka comes to him and asks for his protection, promising to save him from a deluge in the future. The legend moves in the same vein as the Vedic version. Manu places him in the jar. Once it outgrows it, the fish asks to be put into a tank which Manu helps with. Then the fish outgrows the tank, and with Manu’s help reaches the Ganges River, finally to the ocean. Manu is asked by the fish, in the Mahabharata version, to build a ship and be in it with Rishis (sages) and all sorts of grains, on the day of the expected deluge. Manu accepts the fish’s advice. The deluge begins, and the fish arrives to Manu’s aid. He ties the ship to the fish, who then steers the ship to the Himalayas, carrying Manu through a turbulent storm. The danger passes. The fish then reveals himself as Brahma, and gives the power of creation to Manu.

Vishnus Matsya Avatar
King Manu in a boat with other

Central American Mexican Myth

A related Central American tradition, that of the Mexican mythology, is in even more striking conformity with the story. According to this story   

God Tezcatlipoca determined to destroy all mankind with a flood, saving only a certain Tezpi who embarked in a spacious vessel with his wife, his children and large numbers of animals and birds, as well as supplies of grains and seeds, the preservation of which were essential to the future subsistence of the human race. The vessel came to rest on an exposed mountain top after Tezcatilpoca had decreed that the waters of the flood should retire. Wishing to find out whether it was now safe for him to disembark, Tezpi sent out a vulture which, feeding on the carcasses with which the earth was now strewn, did not return. The man then sent out other birds, of which only the hummingbird came back, with a leafy branch in its beak. With this sign that the land had begun to renew itself.

Tezpi and his family went forth from their ark, multiplied and repopulated the earth.

Greece Mythology

Greece myths and legends also have stories and sayings for the catastrophic event In the most widespread version of the story 

Prometheus impregnated a human female. She bore him a son named Deucalion – son of Prometheus, who ruled over the country of Phthia, in Thessaly, and took to wife Pyrrha, ‘the red-blonde’,daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora. When Zeus reached his fateful decision to destroy the bronze race, Deucalion, forewarned by Prometheus, made a wooden box, stored in it ‘all that was necessary and climbed into it with Pyrrha. The king of the gods caused mighty rains to pour from heaven, flooding the greater part of the earth. All mankind perished in this deluge, save a few who had fled to the highest mountains. ‘It also happened at this time that the mountains of Thessaly were split asunder, and the whole country as far as the Isthmus and the Peloponnese became a single sheet of water


Extract from Fingerprint of GOD. There are more than 500 deluge legends are known around the world and, in a survey of 86 of these (20 Asiatic, 3 European, 7 African, 46 American and 10 from Australia and the Pacific), the specialist researcher Dr Richard Andree concluded that 62 were entirely independent of the Mesopotamian and Hebrew accounts. GOD name, survivor name, escape resource might be different but the story remains the same. How it is possible to spread information when in ancient time regions were not connected together and there was no technology? 
Below table is a simple representation and side by side comparison of different civilization catastrophe.   

InformationSumer MythVedic MythMexican MythGreece Myth
SurvivorUtnapishtimManuTezpi, and his wifeDeucalion
Escape SourceBoatBoatSpacious VesselWooden box
EvidenceClay TabletMatsya PuranUnknownDeucalion Myth


There are so many similarities in these stories that it seems that they had happened in one place. Events, actions, and results are almost identical. These events are common in the stories of all the above civilization.

  • God gave King some hints about the devastation
  • God told King to make a big boat
  • In case of flood, devastation
  • The king placed the seeds of all living things in the boat.
  • The King had to climb a mountain
  • He waited for some days to end the flood

In my opinion, it was an event that can be found in one place (in Vedic civilization, in ancient times, Sumerian civilization or any other civilization). However, due to the transfer of one person from one place to the next, the events of the story kept local artworks. The Sumerian Mountains became Mount Everest and the north-west becomes Vishnu or Vice Versa or any other combination. However, one thing is certain that the catastrophe happened, these incidents happened. If there are so many pieces of evidence, to call these incidents, the myth, will not be appropriate.

Today by science and the climate and land changes suggested by the ancient maps, we have found out that during that period the rise in sea level happened due to some reason (might be due to finish of ice age) and through that, there is a possibility of occurrence of that mythological event.

I hope you read something new today. Share your views in the comments section below.

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