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Nazca Lines Monkey
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There are already a lot of articles floating on the internet about Nazca Lines then what is so special about this article. Why anyone should spend time to read it?  The answer lies in the story of a young boy who didn’t believe in GOD but believed in Unknown. People were calling him Atheist but he called himself Theist for Unknown. He had no reason or way to proof Unknown. He never challenged the current system of belief but he could not walk with it. From childhood, he had a belief that     

There is someone somewhere in the universe who knows everything about everything. He knows every physics equation and math formula and series. He chooses a person from one of us and gives a hint for new discovery before any discovery and letting us that discovery complete to reach more closure to him. He let us take the credit for that discovery, he doesn’t bother about it.   

But as he was born and brought up in the small town of India he didn’t have resources to see beyond. But one day by chance browsing on the Internet he found the book “The Finger Prints of GOD”. After reading that book he realized that there are many other people on earth who believed the same “Unknown”. That boy is me and trying to take something out of my vision. 

The first Fascinating thing which I came from the book was Piri Reis map about Antarctica The second thing which I came to know was Nazca Lines which helped me give some practical sense to my belief. There are a lot of theories and here I would like to add my theory. Before going to my theory I want to add a small background about Nazca Lines for those users who are reading the first time about Nazca Lines.  

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines southern Peru is a desolate place, sere and unwelcoming, barren and profitless. Human populations have never concentrated here, nor will they do so in the future. Its a series of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru.

In this desert, you can find a lot of big images 1200 ft, 400 ft. From the ground is impossible to observe. It was discovered when the first time one plane flew over this dessert. From that great height, they could observe the lines as images. The largest figures are up to 1,200 ft long. The figures vary in complexity. Hundreds are simple lines and geometric shapes; more than 70 are zoomorphic designs of animals, such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguars, and monkeys, or human figures. Other designs include phytomorphic shapes, such as trees and flowers.

You can understand that this desert was some one canvas who drew his paintings on this desert. These images are so big that you can see through Google earth as well. There is scientific reason as well why this simple lines could survive thousands of years of earth environment which has rain, thunder, dust etc.

These are not just mere images, there is a certain hidden message who someone left for us to understand. I would explain below the monkey with a spiral tale image later in this article. 

Nazca Lines Monkey
Nazca Lines Monkey
Nazca Lines Astronaut
Nazca Lines Astronaut
Nazca Lines Spider
Nazca Lines Spider
Nazca Lines Hummingbird
Nazca Lines Hummingbird
Nazca Lines Highway
Spider Separated by Highway

1. Killer Whale
2. Bird
3. Spiral
4. Monkey
5. Bird
6. Dog
7. Astronaut
8. Llama
9. Humming Bird
10. Spider
11. Whale
12. Spider
13. Flower
14. Triangle
15. Trapezoid
16. Baby Condor
17. Pelican

How these drawings haven’t vanished?

Despite true desert and high windblown here, these drawings have been able to save their self, It is not a miracle but due to the happy accident of physics. As per book Finger Prints of GOD,

They are robbed of their sting at ground level: the pebbles that litter the pampa absorb and retain the sun’s heat, throwing up a  protective force-field of warm air. In addition, the soil contains enough gypsum to glue small stones to the subsurface, an adhesive regularly renewed by the moistening effect of early morning dews. Once things are drawn here, therefore, they tend to stay drawn. There’s hardly any rain; indeed, with less than half an hour of miserly drizzle every decade, Nazca is among the driest places on earth.   

Earlier it was understood that Nazca Lines was used as a runway for aligns. But the way lines are created, it is impossible to land or takeoff for any big object. If not runways for ‘gods’ plane, therefore, what else might be the purpose of the Nazca lines be? The truth is that no one knows their purpose, just as no one really knows their age.

Monkey Analysis

First, you see the image you understand it like a monkey but many scholars have studied it deeply and found it has a spiral tail that represents our galaxy and if you will see monkey hands and legs, mystery answers lie in those. Why monkey one hand has 5 fingers and one has 4 fingers. Why legs 3 fingers? If we add all it will be 15 in the count. If we look into the sky there is one constellation with 15 stars which makes monkey figures.   

Nazca Lines Monkey

Spider Analysis

If you will look spider leg. Why it is extra large? The reason is, it is also indicating one constellation in the sky which makes spider figure.      

There are many images like this which are hiding many message for human to decode.Who created these images and what was purpose its still unknown but that is for sure they were astronomically very advance. 

My Theory 

First I would like to share why I believe Unknown. There is no specific answer but rather a journey which helped me to believe in Unknown. For a long time up to my higher secondary, I was not aware of Unknown however I knew there was something. It is like Newton, who knew there is gravity but why it is there. He could not understand in his lifetime.   

One day I listen to Osho speech. There he mentioned about Unknown (In terms of GOD). On that day the first time, I realized that there can be some Unknown which is yet to be found.     After some time I was reading Shrinivas Ramanujam biography (Great Mathematician).  He also mentioned that most of his solution he found in his dream. He told one Hindu Goddess used to tell him a solution in his dreams. This was the second time. My belief got stronger.

He credited his acumen to his family goddess, Namagiri Thayar (Goddess Mahalakshmi) of Namakkal. He looked to her for inspiration in his work and said he dreamed of blood drops that symbolised her consort, Narasimha. Afterward he would receive visions of scrolls of complex mathematical content unfolding before his eyes.He often said, “An equation for me has no meaning unless it represents a thought of God

Somewhere I read that Madam Curie one time trying hard to find the solution for one of her scientific problem but she could not find. She slept on her desk and in her dream she found a solution (I don’t have proof now). There are many other unknown cases.

A few years ago I found this book Finger Prints of GOD and I got one new dimension for my belief. People do believe in Unknown. For Nazca Lines, I am still browsing and searching but as of now

  1. I think different GODS from different Galaxies/ Planet came to earth. Like whoever created Monkey in Nazca Lines on earth had left the signature for us “I came from one of the planets which lies in stars (which makes a monkey together) in space”. Same for spider and birds. 
  2. We have a different human race on our planet. Might be we have these races due to these different GODS who came from a different planet.
  3. Why they came to earth? Might be to save their generation from extinct(We know the earth is the planet which comes in Golden line in the solar system which is very favorable for lives.
  4. If they choose earth for their generation habitation that means they can be quite near (not so far). 

If you want to add some points feel free to comment and share it with your friends.

I hope you read something new today. Share your views in the comments section below.

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